LBC Boutique & Loan
This is a Message to Tufts
College Students

LBC Boutique buys, sells and pawns Macbooks or
Apple products in Boston. Believe it or not we work
with Macbook pros as far back as 2009. Especially if
you are a Tufts Student in Davis Square, its only a 2
minute walk and you will reach LBC Boutique & Loan.
So if you are a Tufts College in Davis Square Student
and you are in need of some cash right now, for your
student loans, car insurance, rent, bill, books......etc
and your check doesn't come up to next week,
So what do you do?
Do you have a Macbook Pro or Apple Products?
If yes, its only a 2 minute walk, so come to LBC
Boutique & Loan and get a
Loan for it up to $900. Yes that's right up to $900 for
your Macbook pro laptop.
There is no Credit check needed.
Even if you don't have a Macbook Pro, but you have
an Ipad, iphone or ipod you can still come to
LBC Boutique and loan and get a loan for it.
LBC Boutique & Loan is the only place in the whole
State that gives loans on Macbooks, Ipads, Iphones,
and Ipods.
We only pawn Macbook pro or air, iphone 5 or
higher,  and ipod 3rd gen or higher.

Even if you want to sell your Macbook, Ipad, Iphone,
and Ipod bring it to LBC Boutique and Loan and get
the highest price you can get for it.

Text or call right now don't hesitate!!
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square. (2 min walk from Davis Square Station
or Tufts College)
(Parking behind the building)