Other things We buy Cash Not Consignment. We pay most for iphone 4. Sell iphone 5 Boston


What else do we buy?
Broadly, we buy things that fall into the categories: Gaming, DVD, Computing, Electronics and
Phones, Musical Instruments, Coins, Gold, Silver,Do you buy items that no longer have their original box?
Yes, we will buy unboxed phones and electronics.
Please note we will not buy unboxed games or DVDs.Do you buy items  that are missing their instructions?
Yes, we do.

Some of my goods don’t look too good.  Will you still buy them?
We will buy your goods as long as they work as intended; in extreme cases we may reject badly
damaged goods.

Do you buy DVDs other than region 1?
No, we only buy Region 1 or Region 0 DVDs.

Do you pay more for items that have never been used/opened?
Yes, Although we treat all the goods we buy as secondhand, the price we pay for certain items can
vary depending on the condition of your items.

We offer more cash/trade depending on the condition of some items, these grades are available to
choose from on the website when you are selling your items online:-

•Mint - Phone in as new/mint condition with charger, original box and all accessories.
•Good - Working phone in good condition with slight cosmetic blemishes. Charger supplied.
Missing one or two accessories or original box.
•Poor - Phone in poor cosmetic condition. Charger supplied but missing accessories and
What if I cannot decide which grade my item is?

What condition should my Games, DVD's, BluRay's and other software be in?
Some of these items can be worth different values depending on condition, it is important to pay
close attention to our product descriptions to yield the most value from your items when selling to

Do you accept Sprint and Verizon Phones?
When selling Sprint and Verizon phones must meet the following requirements:

Phones must have all personal information cleared from device.
Phones must be removed from and not be attached to any previous accounts with Sprint/Verizon.

Please call Verizon/Sprint, tell them that you would like to sell your phone and want to clear the
phone of all information and detach it from any of its previous accounts so that another person
could purchase the phone and use it as if it was brand new never been used.

Verizon/Sprint must clear "your number" from inside of the device memory and detach the phones
ESN from any accounts it was previously used with.

Do you accept phones without chargers?
Yes we do, but we will reduce the payment made to you by $10, so make sure you send in your
charger if you have it.

Can I sell multiples of the same item?
We will happily buy multiples of any item up to a maximum of 9 units. To sell more than 9 units of
one item, please contact us via email.

Prices displayed on our website are offered on the basis that you are selling in one of each item; if
you wish to sell multiple copies your order will be classed as a bulk buy, and as such may be
subject to a reduced price without notice. Any discount applied will be limited to being no lower
than the listed CeX Sell-To price of the item at the point of receipt of the stock.
Please note that prices quoted are subject to change without notice.


Other things We buy
Cash Not Consignment.
We pay most for iphone 7.
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