Margaret Burton, Owner.
LBC Boutique & Loan
Owner of LBC Boutique & Loan in
Davis Square, Somerville
The owner's father worked at the Jeweler's
Building in a gold buyer and silver buyer. We
unfortunately moved out of the jewelers
building in 1996 luckily we opened up another
place to buy gold and silver that I believe is a
better place to buy and sell gold & silver than
the downtown jewelers building at 333
Washington St Boston. Gary loved working
everyday in the building buying and selling
gold & silver and diamonds. We decided to
move to Davis Square Somerville to buy and
sell Silver and Gold.
We are now located at 260 Elm St in Somerville
Ma 02144.
We pay highest in the state and prove it by text
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Good News

Newbury St. Store Opening Soon on March
2nd, 2017. It is Going to Be Best Fashion
Store in Boston Massachusetts. A lot of High
End Products, Handbags, Watches, Shoes,
Diamonds, Jewelery and more will be on our
Newbury Store Soon.
For any Questions Please
Call 617-821-6229.